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Cigars can be an affordable luxury, a lifestyle, a tradition, a pastime or hobby, and even much more than that to many cigar aficionados. The history of cigars goes all the way back to Christopher Columbus, who discovered more than America in 1492. The culture of cigars today encompasses cigar events, cigar bars and clubs, cigars in the media and online, cigars in the military, and the list goes on and on. There is a certain mystique about cigars and cigar smokers, which is unique and unlike any other tobacco product. So enjoy the good life, and celebrate your status as a cigar connoisseur!
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  2. Tradition of Cigars and Travel

Cigar Events and Media

Due to more restrictions on the use of tobacco products, cigars are not glamorized in the mainstream media as much as they were a few years ago. However, the enjoyment of cigars is still proliferated online, and widely celebrated at the numerous cigar festivals and events across the U.S. and in other countries. Cigar smokers enjoy celebrating the good life, and that will never change.

Tradition of Cigars and Travel

Cigar enthusiasts like to enhance their aesthetic experiences while traveling by smoking fine cigars. Maybe it started with Columbus, who was far from home when he "discovered" cigars. Although smoking bans have restricted smoking in many public places, there are still cigar bars on cruise ships, smoking areas in casinos, and outdoor cigar patios attached to bars and restaurants within most local jurisdictions. And cigars are one of the few pleasures that our troops can still enjoy while serving overseas in places like Afghanistan and Iraq.

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