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Review of Brick House Corona Larga Cigars by J.C. Newman

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Brick House Cigars by JC Newman Cigar Company

Brick House Cigars by JC Newman Cigar Company

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Brick House cigars should not be confused with other brands with similar names. This is actually an old cigar name and blend that has been resurrected by the J.C. Newman Company. The Newman Cigar Company was founded in 1895 back in Cleveland, Ohio (Cigar Guide Gary’s and my hometown) and the cigar was named for the ‘brick house’ the family lived in. The original Brick House cigars were Cuban of course, and the Newman family worked hard to recreate their founder’s blend using Nicaraguan tobacco that closely matched the type of tobacco of the original cigar. They call the wrapper a ‘Havana Subido’ leaf. This word ‘subido’ in Spanish means ‘deep’ like when you describe color, and I guess you can say that these cigars do have a deep dark color to the wrapper. The cigars I smoked for this review were the 6.25x46 Corona Larga.

Draw and Construction

This cigars has a very firm wrapper and looks a little rough or shall I say ‘rustic’ with some large veins showing through the bumpy surface of the leaf. The draw is slightly restrictive, but as I have said in some previous reviews, that may be the case of my not being used to smoking in a very humid environment such as San Antonio during a rainy weekend. Even though the cigar lit easily, it did not burn very even with about a ¼” drop from one side to the other. The ash was dark grey and cracked quickly but seemed to be able to hold on for about 1”. To my surprise the cigar burned very slowly, and after one hour I was not quite halfway through. The final time was nearly two hours.

Flavor and Aroma

I smoked three of these and each one slightly varied from the others, but not so much that I still knew it was the same cigar. The differences were in the spiciness. The first was medium with the typical earthiness of most Nicaraguan cigars but with a little fruitwood in the background. The second a little bitter and less flavorful and the third just dried me out at the back of the tongue and roof of my mouth, and was begging me to get a drink, so I grabbed some coffee. The aromas were a decent woodsy tobacco smell and a bit ‘smoky’ like a campfire. Even still, once I had some coffee the flavor was better, and the aroma mellowed out to a ‘Cuban-like’ experience.


I was not overly impressed with the Brick House and would consider it as an average smoking cigar, but it does have a good price point. I think they might benefit from sitting in a humidor for a while to calm them down and even them out. I would like to give this cigar another chance because I believe it has potential. That is primarily because of the value. These cigars are well under $5 a stick, and it is getting more and more difficult to find a good premium cigar at that price that is not just your typical ‘bundle’ cigar.
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