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Review of H. Upmann Corona Major Cigar

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H. Upmann Corona Major Cigar

H. Upmann Corona Major Cigar

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The Corona Major is another great cigar produced by Altadis S.A. This is a 5 1/8” long cigar with a ring gauge of 42. It is considered by definition of size and shape as a petite corona. The cigar comes in a nice white tube packed with a cedar sleeve and cork seal to the tube, which will keep the freshness. The wrapper is natural Indonesian shade grown tobacco and the rest of the cigar is all from the Dominican Republic where the cigar is manufactured. The H. Upmann name is quite old in the cigar industry and there are many stories about the name but the original company was started by a couple of German brothers back in 1844.


This is another very easy smoking cigar and similar to the Por Larranaga and Gispert which we have also reviewed on the site. Because of the way it is packaged the cedar flavor and aroma is more pronounced and you even taste a bit of cork on first lighting. This is in my opinion a mild to medium smoke. This also a cigar that you can smoke down to 1” as it will remain cool in your mouth.

Draw and Construction

This is a very well made cigar with a perfect cap. It cuts easy and lights easy and the draw is not restrictive at all. This is a firm cigar with a strong ash, which held on for nearly half the cigar’s length. The burn is perfectly even and a surprise to me was that the cigar smoked for 1 ½ hours.


This is a fantastic value at around $3 a cigar when you buy them in boxes of 25 for $75 a box. It is a cigar that is mild enough for beginner smokers and still has enough flavor for seasoned smokers. An interesting historical note is that this was one of JFK’s favorite cigars (the Cuban H. Upmann Petit Upmann) and the story has been told that the evening before he signed the Cuban Embargo he had his aides canvass all the tobacco shops in Washington D.C. area buying every Cuban Petit Upmann available. The rumor is that he purchased 1,200 cigars that night.

For the full story of JFK's love for Cuban Petit Upmanns, as told by Dick DiMeola, continue on to page 2.
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