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Review of Oliva Serie V Ligero Especial Cigars

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Oliva Serie V Ligero Especial Cigar

Oliva Serie V Ligero Especial Cigar

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The Oliva Serie V – Ligero Especial came into existence under the watchful eye of Jose Oliva. His family's long tradition of tobacco growing, and more recently cigar making, has brought them to this point – producing the perfect cigar. This cigar is the perfect cigar for everyone in taste, flavor, aroma and construction. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a mild, medium or full bodied cigar, there is nothing about the Oliva V that doesn’t spell excellence and perfection.


‘SMOOTH’ is the best word to describe the unique combination of flavors in this richly complex cigar. The blending has created a subtle balance of fresh brewed South American coffee, bitter-sweet chocolate and a hint of cinnamon. The bulk of the flavor comes from an interesting blend of specially fermented ligero leaves from the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua. The cigar literally envelopes your taste sensors and keeps you there all the way through the entire smoking experience.

Draw and Construction

All cigars that carry the Oliva name are well constructed but this one is special. The ‘Habano Sun Grown’ wrapper has an attractive dark oily appearance. When you first pick it up you know you are holding a premium cigar of the highest quality. A quick snip from my cutter, a light toasting of the foot and then the first draw which was effortless. The first puff produced smoke which was thick and full. The aroma matched the taste exactly. It was a cigar that you just did not want to put down until the very last inch. The ash was a nice white/grey and held for about 1 ½”. The draw never changed and each puff remained cool to your mouth. Smoking a cigar down to below 1” is not usually recommended but I pushed this Double Robusto to the limit until it finally went out by itself at ¾” after a little more than one hour. I never felt any heat on my fingers.


The two Oliva Serie V that I smoked were the Double Robusto (5 x 54) and the Torpedo (6 x 56). The Double Robusto was provided to me by the Oliva Cigar Company representative at another cigar event sponsored by Monte’s Pueblo Pipe Shop, Albuquerque, NM. Actually, the Oliva rep gave everyone that came into the shop that day a cigar to sample. I was so pleased with the smoking experience I purchased a Torpedo (for $6.75) to take home and smoke while I wrote the review. The other sizes that this comes in are the Churchill Extra (7 x 52), Double Toro (6 x 60) and the Special V Figurado (6 x 60). So what do they cost? Are they a good value? I can only say it is the best premium cigar you can buy for the money. Singles will cost you between $6.50 and $7.50 at your local tobacconist but if you really want value, purchase a box. Most tobacconists will give you a discount on box purchases and many great deals can be found online for any where from $109/box 24 to $156/box 24. That brings the price down to $4.55 to $6.25 per cigar.

I would highly recommend this cigar to any type of smoker and I believe it is by far, the best cigar that the Oliva Cigar Company has ever produced. Visit the Oliva website at olivacigar.com to find out if there will be any tasting events in your area. And visit your local tobacconist. It is the best way to try the newest cigars being produced.

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