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Review of Padron Londres Cigar

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Padron Series Londres Cigar

Padron Series Londres Cigar

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The Padron Series Londres Cigar is produced by the Padron family’s factories in Esteli, Nicaragua. The Londres is one of 13 different sizes or shapes in this Padron series, which ranges from a Panatela to a large Magnum. All of the tobacco, wrapper, binder, and filler are Nicaraguan. This is a medium to full bodied cigar that a beginner smoker may want to try as an introduction to heavier cigars. The Padron Series Londres cigar measures 5 1/2 inches with a ring gauge of 42. These can be purchased individually for around $2.50 per stick or by the box (26 per box) for $54.95, and comes in a natural and maduro wrapper.

Flavor and Aroma

You will notice that I labeled this section ‘flavor and aroma’ and not just flavor. I did this because 75% percent of taste is smell and this cigar has some fantastic aromas. The following explanation I am writing is focused on cigars and tobacco.

Smell and taste belong to a chemical sensing system that our physiology has called chemosensation. The complicated processes of smelling and tasting begins when molecules released by the cigars, tobacco and smoke stimulate special nerve cells in the nose, mouth, or throat. These cells transmit messages to the brain, where specific smells or tastes are identified.

Olfactory cells are small nerves that are stimulated by the aromas around us such as the toasting of the foot, the smoke from the cigar or even just the smell of the tobacco in the cigar prior to smoking. These nerve cells are found in a tiny patch of tissue high up in the nose, and they connect directly to the brain.

Gustatory cells are the taste nerves that react when you put the cigar in your mouth or draw on the cigar to bring smoke in your mouth. The cigar tobacco and smoke mixes with saliva and stimulates these nerves which are clustered in the taste buds of the mouth and throat. Many of the small bumps you can be see on your tongue contain taste buds. These surface cells send taste information to nearby nerve fibers, which send messages to the brain.

This system is much more complex than I described but I think you get the idea. Taste and smell cells are the only cells in the nervous system that are replaced when they become old or damaged. Scientists are examining this phenomenon while studying ways to replace other damaged nerve cells. The taste and smell sensors are directly connected so that the sensations are linked, which is why we feel that we can taste things just by smelling them.

Okay, now back to the Padron Series Londres. The flavors found in this cigar included leather, wood and a slight hint of fresh herbs. The taste was a bit overpowering at first but calmed down before the first inch. The aroma of these cigars is phenomenal, and they matched the tastes perfectly, which was the reason for my little physiology lesson. Before I even lit the cigar, I put my nose to the wrapper and sensed the outdoors. Even after the cigar was lit I kept sniffing the unburned portion of the tobacco to take in all the aromas. The overall sensations were like walking in a forest with a camp fire nearby. The taste as I said was a bit strong at first, so I mellowed it by pouring myself a shot of Irish Whiskey (like Bushmills). This really brought out the flavors even more, and lightened the taste up considerably enough that the cigar almost seemed mild.

Draw and Construction

The cigar was very well constructed. It has a dark wrapper even in the natural, so it is hard to tell unless you read the label on the box whether you are picking up a natural or maduro. The wrapper has an old world look to it and is very veiny. I happen to like this in a cigar. This cigar is also very tight and will need a good sharp cutter to make an even cut. The draw is also tight however for a cigar that is only 5 ½” long the tightness allowed it to burn slowly. The ash fell of at 1 ¼ “ and the cigar went out after one hour of smoking. I smoked it down to just below 2”.


This is an excellent value. The price per stick in any cigar shop should not be much more than $2.50 per stick, depending on where you live. The box price of $54.95 for 26 cigars takes that price down to $2.11 per cigar. You will be hard pressed to find a better price for a premium cigar. The taste and aroma of the Padron Series Londres Natural is one I am certain most smokers will enjoy. When you take off the band of your Padron Series cigar, look on the underside for the signature of Jose’ O. Padron, to be sure that it is the genuine item. In addition, there is a special Padron barcode on every box. The Padron name has been the target of counterfeit cigar makers and the family is asking that everyone help to stop this.

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