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History of Cigars

Some significant moments in the history of the cigars, from Christopher Columbus discovering tobacco users in the Caribbean to the Cuban trade embargo to current events, plus a few things in between.

A Taste of Cigar History
Cigar history from Christopher Columbus through Ybor City, the Cuban Trade Embargo, the Surgeon General's Health Warnings, and the cigar boom of the mid 1990's up until the public smoking bans of the mid 2000's.

Why Cuban Cigars Are Illegal In the United States
A brief history of the Cuban Trade Embargo, leading up to current efforts to ease the ban on Cuban cigars and other products in the U.S.

JFK and Cigars
President Kennedy's favorite Cuban cigar, and poison cigars used in an attempt to assassinate Castro.

Buying Cigars with Fancy Bands and Unusual Names
Buying cigars and making selections is now mostly based on internet research and brand reputation as opposed to fancy bands, unusual names and other marketing and advertising methods of the past.

The History of Cigars, by DR Cigar
A concise and informative history of cigars, much better than some encyclopedias.

National Cigar Museum
Take a walk back into cigar history in the virtual National Cigar Museum. A very interesting experience.

History of Cigar Advertising
An interesting history of cigar advertising and marketing, dating back to the 1800's, and how it has changed (for the worse) since the 1950's.

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