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How Cigars Are Made

Descriptions of how cigars are made, and what is inside of a cigar. Discussions include methods of manufacture, as well as some of the manufacturers who produce popular and boutique premium cigars.

How to Hand Roll a Cigar
How to hand roll a cigar using the three types of cigar tobacco leaves, including the binder, filler, and wrapper leaves. Watch a cigar video of a professional cigar roller demonstrating the entire process of rolling cigars by hand.

Tabacalera de Garcia Cigar Factory Tour
Tabacalera de Garcia cigar factory tour in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Tabacalera de Garcia is the largest cigar factory for handmade cigars in the world.

Bobalu Cigar Company – 15th Anniversary
A visit to Bobalu Cigar Company in Austin, Texas, which celebrated their 15th anniversary during 2012 with a special Bullet Anniversary cigar and a new website.

Graycliff Cigar Factory Tour
Free tour of Graycliff Cigar Factory in Nassau, Bahamas.

The World's Top Cigar Makers
After all the mergers and acquisitions, some new cigar empires have formed. Altadis and Swedish Match are now the top cigar manufacturers in the world, producing top brands such as Montecristo and Macanudo.

How Cigars Are Made By Hand
Learn how cigars are hand rolled by watching a cigar being unraveled step by step and then reassembled.

Cigar Makers and Cigar Companies
The cigar industry and how cigars are made and distributed by cigar companies to retailers and tobacconists.

What Makes a Cigar Good
Explanation of what makes a cigar good, and what factors are important when judging or rating premium cigars.

What Causes a Cigar to Burn Unevenly?
Reasons why some premium cigars do not burn evenly.

Custom Cigar Bands
How to make a custom cigar band for your own personal enjoyment, and where to buy professional cigar bands to give as gifts or for special occasions.

Jon Huber - Interview With Jon Huber, Formerly of CAO Cigars
Jon Huber - Interview With Jon Huber, Formerly of CAO Cigars

Review of Cigar Movie Seed to Soul
Seed to soul is a cigar movie commissioned by CAO Cigars which describes seven stages of making cigars, from selecting the right seeds to packaging the finished product.

Rolling Cigars By Hand
Illustrated step-by-step tutorial on how hand rolled cigars are made. Very enlightening.

How Cigars Are Made From Start to Finish
The complete process of making cigars, from growing the tobacco, harvesting and aging, to rolling and packaging the cigars.

Making of the CAO America Cigar
Watch this youtube video to see a CAO America cigar being rolled by hand in a factory in Honduras.

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