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Cigars 101 - How to Select, Cut, Light, Smoke and Enjoy Hand Rolled Cigars


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How to Smoke and Enjoy Your Cigar
Now that your cigar is all fired up, it’s time to smoke and enjoy it. Continue to puff and rotate about every 30 to 60 seconds. Do NOT inhale the smoke, just taste it in your mouth and blow it out. If you smoke a cigar too fast, it will burn hot and ruin the flavor. If you smoke too slow, it will go out and you will have to keep relighting. Since most hand rolled cigars are made with long filler, you will not have to flick the ashes until they are at least ½ to one inch long, depending on the cigar (and any wind conditions, if you are outdoors). You can smoke a cigar as far down as you wish, depending on the taste.

Drinks to Accompany a Cigar Are Important

Other than the taste and draw of the cigar itself, the drink chosen to accompany a cigar is the second most important factor that will affect your enjoyment of the smoking experience. If comparing different cigars, always make sure to have the same drink. Many drinks are compatible with mild cigars, but as you move up to medium and full flavored cigars, it is important to choose a drink that will not be overpowered by the flavor of the cigar. Coffee drinks, port, scotch, brandy, and most drinks made with Kahlua can accompany any cigar.
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