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Using a Humidor and How to Care for Cigars

How to select, and then season a new humidor before adding cigars, the importance of maintaining the proper temperature and humidity levels, and the benefits of aging and rotating cigars inside your humidor. Also, portable storage devices are available for protecting cigars when on the go.

What is a Humidor?
Definition and description of what is a humidor, used to store, preserve and age cigars by maintaining the optimal humidity level at room temperature. A humidor contains a humidification device that either adds or removes humidity inside the box to maintain the optimal level.

Seasoning a New Humidor Before Storing Cigars
A new humidor, or one that hasn't been used in a while, must be properly seasoned before storing cigars inside. Our step-by-step instructions include pictures of how to condition a humidor prior to use.

Aging Cigars in a Humidor
Cigar taste tests were conducted to determine if aging cigars in a properly maintained humidor can improve the flavor. Discover how much time cigars should be aged in a humidor before smoking.

Humidification Devices and Storing Cigars in Humidors
Maintaining the proper humidity levels inside a humidor to store, age, and protect cigars.

How to Calibrate A Hygrometer
How to calibrate a hygrometer used in cigar humidors to measure the level of humidity. Humidity gauge must be accurate to monitor and maintain optimal levels inside a humidor.

Effects of Aging Cigars in Humidors
Cigar humidors are not only used to store and protect cigars, but they are also used for aging cigars to improve their flavor.

Aging Cigars - Why You Should Age Bundled Cigars
The importance of aging cheap bundled cigars in a humidor before smoking, and maintaining the proper level of humidity.

How to Buy a New Cigar Humidor
Advice on How to Buy a New Cigar Humidor.

Perfecto Travel Humidor
The Perfecto XLT is a great inexpensive travel humidor and a great gift idea for Father's Day.

User Reviews of Cigar Humidors
User reviews of various brands of cigar humidors for storing and aging handmade premium cigars. Add a review of your own humidor.

All About Humidors According to Cigar Aficionado
Cigar Aficionado magazine has some pretty good information about storing and caring for cigars. Here is one of the few articles still accessible without subscribing.

Everything You Need to Know About Storing & Caring for Cigars
The ultimate cigar storage manifesto, according to Cigar Nexus. This covers just about everything, and in the right about of detail. Also includes pertinent illustrations.

Humidor Guide
This guide not only covers humidors, but other cigar storage issues as well, including rotating and aging (or maturing) your cigars.

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