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Legal and Health Issues

Discussion of various legal and health issues associated with smoking cigars, such as the legality of Cuban cigars, the ever-changing local laws regarding smoking in public, risks of cancer, and even the health benefits of smoking cigars. Also, try to avoid counterfeit cigars.

Cuban Trade Embargo
Cuban cigars are not legal for United States citizens, even when traveling abroad.

Chemicals in Cigar Smoke
Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents in cigar smoke identified by the FDA as reasons to regulate tobacco products including cigars are subject to interpretation. The FDA has requested comments from the public in the Federal Register.

Why Cuban Cigars Are Illegal in the U.S.
History and reasons why Cuban cigars are illegal in the U.S. Examination of the Cuban Trade Embargo and why it was enacted by President John Kennedy in 1962, as the result of Castro's 1959 revolution which seized property of private citizens.

Health Benefits of Cigar Tobacco - Cigars and Medicine
Health benefits of cigar tobacco have included medicinal uses to treat many diseases throughout history, up to more recent studies showing that intravenous administration of nicotine to non-smoking Alzheimer's patients produced significant improvements in long-term recall and attention span.

Immediate Effects of Nicotine On Cigar Smokers
Immediate but temporary effects of nicotine contained in cigar smoke.

Cigar Regulations Not All Bad
Cigar companies do not want to be regulated by the FDA, but not all regulations are bad for cigar consumers.

Smoking Bans Limit Your Right to Smoke Cigars
New smoking bans are being enacted by local and state governments. Indoor and outdoor smoking bans are becoming more restrictive, and will eventually affect your right to smoke cigars in public.

Cigars - Hobby, Habit, or Addiction
It is possible to be addicted to cigars, but not likely. Most cigar smokers are connoisseurs who enjoy cigars as a hobby, but some cigar smokers may have a habit of smoking cigars.

The Benifits of Tobacco
Medical and health benefits of tobacco and cigars explained by an expert in toxicology, Dr. Mitch Fadem, Phd.

Cigar Sickness
How to avoid getting sick from smoking a cigar plus a suggested cure to help alleviate a mild nicotine overdose.

Health Risks & Benefits of Smoking Cigars
Smoking tobacco can cause cancer, especially when inhaled on a daily basis. Cigar smokers should not inhale, and smoke no more than one or 2 cigars per week to minimize the health risks. There may also be health benefits to smoking cigars.

How Airline Regulations Affect Cigar Smokers
Airline regulations pertaining to both checked and carry on luggage may prohibit cigar smokers from traveling with certain accessories, such as lighters.

Health Issues of Smoking Cigars According to the Government
The health risks of smoking cigars, per the National Cancer Institute.

Counterfeit Cigar Gallery
Not all counterfeit cigars are Cubans. Any expensive cigar can be a target. Cigar Aficionado magazine put together a nice gallery.

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