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Cigars - Hobby, Habit, or Addiction

Defining Cigar Smoking Behaviors


  • Addiction – Mental and/or physical dependency beyond a person's control.

  • Habit – Recurrent pattern of behavior ingrained as the result of frequent repetition.

  • Hobby – Activity or pastime done for pleasure.

What Kind of Cigar Smoker Are You?

If you are a cigar connoisseur who considers cigars a special treat, and you smoke no more than a few handmade cigars per week without inhaling, then cigars are a hobby. You savor and enjoy every smoke, and enjoy sampling a variety of premium cigars. If you are a cigar enthusiast who routinely lights up more than a couple of cigars every day without even thinking about it, then cigars are a habit. Although you may enjoy sampling premium cigars and do not inhale, you probably have a favorite "everyday" cigar and do not mind smoking cheap and/or machine made stogies. If you are a cigar smoker who smokes and inhales several cigars per day, then you are addicted to cigars. You cannot make it through the day without smoking several cigars, and need to take breaks like a cigarette smoker in order to get your nicotine fix.

Can a Cigar Hobby Lead to Addiction?

It is possible, but not probable. Even the National Cancer Institute recognizes the behavioral differences in daily usage and level of inhalation between the majority of cigar smokers and cigarette smokers. However, if you believe that you are addicted to cigars, we strongly recommend that you visit our smoking cessation site for more information.

Cigar Smokers Poll

According to an ongoing poll in our cigar forum, some visitors to this website might just be habitual cigar smokers. However, it cannot be determined whether cigars are a hobby, habit, or addiction based solely upon the number of cigars smoked. As discussed above, other behaviors also factor into the equation. Therefore, we have started another poll to determine how our readers classify their own love for cigars. Hobby, habit, or addiction:
Cast Your Vote Now In Our Cigar Smokers Poll.
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