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Web sites such as youtube, google video, meta cafe, and others are havens for showcasing professional and amateur videos uploaded by the public. We recently spent some time (more than we'd like to admit) perusing the internet for videos relating to cigars and the culture of cigars. We found scenes from movies, news reports, television commercials, and other professional sources, as well as original videos created by semi professionals and amateurs. Here are our top picks.

1. Cigar Smoke Fight

An original, good old cigar smoking Western with dueling banjos.

2. Lastinkadora Cigars

The Three Stooges track down a bandit who smokes the "Last In Kadora" brand of cigars, or is that La Stinkadora?

3. Salinger's JFK Cuban Cigar Stories

JFK's press secretary talks about Cuban cigars, JFK, and the trade embargo.

4. Independence Cigars

R-Rated European cigar commercial (Adults Only).

5. Cigar Assassination

Scene from a 1960's-era movie, reminiscent of the CIA's attempts to assassinate Castro.

6. Up In Smoke

Fourth episode in a series of mini sitcoms by CigarVideoPodcast.com.

7. Erik Cigar Commercial

Old TV commercial for Erik little cigars.

8. About Cigars

My own amateur commercial "about" cigars, probably should not be on this list.

9. Bender's Cigar Adventure

An amateur effort, but at least they tried.

10. Fake Cohiba Cigar Commercial

You will like the punch line in this fake Cohiba commercial.
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