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Cigar Picture and Video Gallery

Pictures and video of cigar events and festivals from cities across the United States, including places such as Ybor City in Tampa, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Miami, and West Palm Beach. Also pictures from our cigar-smoking troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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78th Annual IPCPR Cigar Convention in New Orleans
Images and descriptions of cigar seminars and trade show displays at the 78th Annual IPCPR Cigar Convention in New Orleans during August 2010 - the biggest cigar event of the year.

Smoke Inn's Great Smoke Cigar Event in West Palm Beach
The Great Smoke cigar event hosted by Smoke Inn of South Florida on February 21, 2009 was truly a most memorable experience as can be seen by viewing exclusive pictures taken by Cigar Guide Gary Manelski for about.com.

Big Smoke Weekend in Las Vegas
Photos from Cigar Aficionado magazine's 12th annual Big Smoke weekend in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel Resort and Casino.

Tampa's 2006 Cigar Heritage Festival
Image gallery of the biggest and best free cigar festival in the United States, held in Ybor City near downtown Tampa, Florida on November 18, 2006.

Mikes's Cigars We're Smokin' Event in Miami
Mikes's Cigars We're Smokin' event in Miami on November 1, 2008 was a great success, and included at least 50 free cigars, food, beverages, entertainment, and a great celebration of cigar culture. View pictures of Nick Perdomo and other cigar personalities attending the festival.

Cigars for Troops 2010
Pictures of troops in Afghanistan enjoying cigars donated through cigars.about.com Cigars for Troops Program.

Kabul Cigar Czars
Photos of troops enjoying cigars, provided by Major Tom Esser in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Cigars For Troops Image Gallery
Photos of troops in Afghanistan enjoying cigars received via Cigars For Troops Program.

Cigars For Troops in Iraq
Troops in Navy C-RAM Unit at Victory Base in Baghdad, Iraq smoking cigars donated in Cigars For Troops Program.

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