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Big Smoke Weekend in Las Vegas

Cigar Aficionado Magazine's 12th Annual Big Smoke in Sin City


Las Vegas is perhaps the most popular vacation destination to tempt even nonsmokers to light up and enjoy the pleasures of a fine cigar. On November 9 to 11, 2007, Cigar Aficionado hosted its 12th annual Big Smoke in Sin City, at the Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino. For a price of $200, a cigar connoisseur not only gained admission to one Big Smoke evening event, but also received more than 32 cigars from various cigar makers, and enjoyed fine liquors and foods for three full hours. To cover this event, I requested and received complimentary admission to the Friday Big Smoke Evening from Cigar Aficionado magazine. Although all transportation, hotel, and other travel expenses were my responsibility, the magazine did set aside a block of discounted hotel rooms at the Venetian, which were available to anyone attending the event. In addition to hosting two Big Smoke Evenings, the magazine also conducted a series of cigar seminars during the day, on both Saturday and Sunday. Read more...
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Follow the Signs & Stand in LineCigar Smokers Going to the Big SmokeCoupon Books to Claim CigarsCoupon Books to Receive CigarsRocky Patel and Gary ManelskiRocky Patel and Gary ManelskiTim Ozgener and Gary ManelskiTim Ozgener and Gary Manelski
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