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Smoke Inn's Great Smoke Cigar Event in West Palm Beach

Third Annual Great Smoke Held on February 21, 2009


There is no better place to be during the month of February than South Florida. On February 21, 2009, the temperature was a comfortable 71 degrees and the sun was shining - just perfect weather for enjoying cigars outdoors and under tent. In prior years, I was reluctant to cover this event because I reside in Palm Beach County. Since my online work for cigars.about.com reaches a national/global audience, I do not want to focus too much on local events in my own area. However, since the Great Smoke has reached the status of being a mega cigar event that now attracts cigar smokers from all over the country, I contacted Abe Dababneh of the Smoke Inn to express my interest in covering the event for cigars.about.com, and share the experience with all of our many website visitors. Enter the image gallery or continue reading for more details.
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Abe Dababneh of the Smoke InnAbe Dababneh of the Smoke InnCigar Dave Live Radio BroadcastCigar Dave Live Radio BroadcastGroup Gathers Around Soprano’s Star Joe “Vito” GannascoliJoe “Vito” GannascoliCarlos Torano, Gary Manelski, and Charlie ToranoThe Toranos With Gary Manelski
A Few Top Cigar Makers A Few Top Cigar MakersFive Pairings of Cigar PersonalitiesFive Pairings of Cigar PersonalitiesMore ExhibitorsA Few More ExhibitorsAltadis Siglo GirlsAltadis Siglo Girls
Gran Habano CigarsGran Habano CigarsThree Olives Vodka GalsThree Olives Vodka GalsWine and LiqueursWine and LiqueursGirls Just Want to Have FunGirls Just Want to Have Fun
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