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Review of the Ashton Maduro Premium Cigar

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Ashton Aged Maduro Cigar

Ashton Maduro Cigar

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Ashton cigars are a premium brand made by Arturo Fuente in the Dominican Republic. I had the pleasure of trying an Ashton Maduro in the Robusto size, and found it to be one of the smoothest cigars that I ever smoked. The cigar measures 5 inches long with a ring gauge of 50. They can be a bit pricey at $7 to $8 per stick, if purchased in a 5-pack.


This is a full flavored cigar, but is extremely smooth and not overpowering by any means. This is a good cigar to use as an example when distinguishing the difference between strength and flavor. Flavor is all the good things that you taste when smoking, such as sweetness, spices, etc., while strength has more to do with the kick or power of the cigar attributed to its tar and nicotine content. Sometimes, these two attributes go hand in hand, but in the more expensive premium cigars, it is possible to get maximum flavor without the strong kick, and without leaving you with a funny feeling in your stomach nor a bad taste in your mouth.

Draw & Construction

The Ashton is a very well constructed cigar with an extremely smooth and easy draw. It burns evenly, looks great, and gives a long ash. You probably won’t have to worry about this cigar going out, and having to relight, because the cigar is not only well constructed, but the flavor will keep you puffing as time seems to just fly by. I may have to try an Ashton in a larger size, some day.


The Ashton is a good value if you are looking for a great cigar for a special occasion. It will not disappoint, but it is too expensive for many smokers to enjoy on a regular basis, including me. If you have the means, then I recommend buying a box. If not, then I recommend trying a single stick or perhaps a 5-pack. Unlike some of the more expensive premium cigars, this one is actually worth the money.
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