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Review of the La Unica 100 Cigar

A Large Cigar with a Small Price Tag

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La Unica 100 Cigar

La Unica 100 Dominican Cigar

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La Unica cigars are made by J.C. Newman Cigar Company (of the Fuente-Newman Cigar Family) in the Dominican Republic, and were the first premium cigars sold in bundles instead of boxes. However, La Unica cigars are now sold in boxes. The La Unica 100 measures 8 1/2 inches long, with a ring gauge of 52. Boxes of 20 cigars are available online for as low as $80, but all cigars are significantly pricier when purchased as singles.


The La Unica 100 cigar is mild-to-medium in strength, but is rich in flavor. In cigars with larger ring gauges, it is possible to blend several kinds of filler tobaccos to achieve superior flavor. However, cigars that are extra large are sometimes considered to be novelty items, and do not contain premium tobaccos. This is not the case with the La Unica 100, which is a serious cigar containing premium tobaccos for serious cigar smokers.

Draw and Construction

Prior to smoking the La Unica 100, the longest cigar that I ever smoked was 7 1/2 inches long. Sometimes, a longer cigar can be difficult to draw. However, I had no problem with the La Unica 100, which is an amazing 8 1/2 inches long. The cigar burned evenly with a long ash, and lasted for more than an hour. It appeared to be very well constructed.


The La Unica 100 is a great value for cigar smokers who are advanced beginners, or higher. It is not recommended for the new cigar smoker. This cigar contains about the same amount of premium Dominican tobacco as two average sized premium cigars, and will last for well over an hour. Because of the time factor, this cigar will not be such a great value unless you have the time to smoke it entirely in one session.
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