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Quintero Robusto Cigar Review

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Quintero Robusto Cigar

Quintero Robusto Cigar

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The Quintero Robusto cigar by Altadis is a boxed pressed cigar made with Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos. The cigar measures 5 inches long with a ring gauge of 50. When purchased in a box of 20, the cost is under $4.00 per stick.


These cigars are medium to full bodied, and are very tasty compared to most mild to medium flavored cigars, but without being overpowering. I did not detect a strong earthy taste, nor any predominate flavors other than the taste of a good quality blend of tobaccos. In other words, this cigar tastes like a cigar, not like a chocolate covered peanut with a hint of leather on the palate. The texture of the smoke was smooth and creamy.

Draw and Construction

The cigar that I tested appeared to be well constructed, but felt just a little bit soft, which resulted in a very loose draw. I was able to puff a large volume of smoke, but the smoke was diluted with too much air. Although I could taste the fuller flavor present in this cigar, the loose draw made it taste more on the medium side. The loose draw also caused the cigar to go out a couple of times, requiring relights. The cigar had an even burn and long ash. Despite the relights, I really enjoyed this cigar. The loose draw actually tempered some of the cigar's strength, making it more compatible with my palate.


Quintero cigars are a good value for more seasoned cigar smokers who appreciate fuller flavored cigars. Not a good choice for the beginner. At less than $4.00 per stick when purchased by the box, the cigar is value priced compared to other cigars in the full flavored category. Also available online in sampler packs of five cigars.
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