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Top Cigar Christmas Gifts For 2012


During the last couple of years, many new cigars and accessories were released that would make great gifts for cigar smokers. The new gift ideas in this article do not replace (but are in addition to) cigar gifts that were recommended during prior years. When giving a new cigar to a recipient who has not smoked that particular cigar before, we still recommend purchasing either sampler packs or several single cigars, instead of taking a chance on buying an entire box of cigars that your gift recipient might not fully enjoy.

Many veteran cigar smokers enjoy sampling a variety of new cigars, while some prefer to stick to their own tried and true favorites. Of course, a good number of cigar aficionados enjoy sampling new cigars, while also keeping a few personal favorites in their smoking rotation. Cigars that appeal to cigar connoisseurs are usually those that are medium to full bodied. Two new cigars for 2012 that should appeal to experienced cigar smokers are the CAO Concert and Berger & Argenti Fatso cigars. For more choices, any of the cigars on our ongoing list of Top 10 Cigars would also make for great Christmas gifts.

CAO Concert Cigars   Compare Prices

For new cigar smokers who have not tried many cigars, almost any cigar would be new to them, no matter how many years the cigar has been on the market. Therefore, in addition to the new cigars that would appeal to beginners, any of the more established blends on our list of Top Cigars for Beginners would still be great choices for Christmas gifts in 2012. A couple of brand new mild to medium cigars released during 2012 that would appeal to beginners as well as mainstream cigar smokers are the Don Sixto and Torano Salutem cigars.

Don Sixto Cigars   Compare Prices

Torano Salutem Cigars   Compare Prices

Another new cigar released in 2012 that should appeal to most cigar smokers is the Gurkha 125th Anniversary Cigar. The cigar is medium bodied and loaded with flavor, but is less expensive than other boutique Gurkha cigars. Being in that medium range, the cigar is not too strong for beginners nor too mild for more demanding cigar connoisseurs. This cigar is primarily sold at brick and mortar cigar retailers, and may not always be available to purchase online.

Cigar Accessories Make Great Gifts

In addition to (or instead of) giving cigars as gifts, cigar lighters, cutters, humidors and other accessories make for great gifts. There are thousands of established and new products to choose from, but the new cigar accessory that we recommend for the cigar smoker who has everything is a new type of cigar cutter named Shuriken. First released in 2011, with a few improvements made during 2012, the Shuriken cigar cutter is not just another type of cutter that makes one (or more) of the three traditional types of cuts. This new cutter actually creates an innovative fourth type of cigar cut, that only this cigar cutter can make. Six blades inside a small cylinder are positioned to inflict precise slits into the cap of a cigar. The cut is not only unique to this cutter, but is the best (if not the only) type of cut that will allow a smoker to control the draw while smoking the cigar. There are two models to choose from, with MSRP's of $20 and $35.

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