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Let's start by saying that there is not one specific top cigar gift that would be suitable for every cigar smoker in the world. Therefore, the following list of top cigar gifts was composed emphasizing the criteria that should be used for selecting a particular type of gift for a particular type of cigar smoker. Although the specific top cigar gift picks that are listed should please most cigar connoisseurs, your particular selection(s) will be determined by how well you know the recipient of your gift.

A Box of the Cigar Smoker's Favorite Cigars

The best gift to give any cigar smoker would be a box of his (or her) favorite cigars. Of course, this assumes that you already know, or can somehow find out without ruining the surprise, exactly which brand name, line, blend, size, shape, etc. that your gift recipient enjoys the most. It also assumes that you would be willing to spend the same amount of money on a gift for a casual acquaintance that you would for your dearest and closest relative. However, since many brands of cigars can also be purchased in smaller quantities than the typical box of 25 cigars, you may be able to give your acquaintances five-pack gifts of their favorite cigars, without breaking the bank. Our Pick: Box of Oliva Serie V Double Toro Cigars.

A Variety Sampler Pack of Cigars

Most cigar smokers, both old and new, enjoy sampling different types of cigars. If you do not know the gift recipient's favorite cigar, then it is better to give sampler packs containing a variety of cigars, as opposed to giving a whole box (or package) of the wrong cigar. If you are giving a gift to a new cigar smoker, he (or she) may not yet even have a favorite cigar. Since newer cigar smokers would generally prefer mild-to-medium cigars, stick with those variety packs identified as such (or ask your tobacconist). On the other hand, more experienced smokers would most probably enjoy a variety of cigars that are medium-to-full. Our Pick: Torano Variety Sampler Pack of Cigars.

Cigar Accessories

Every cigar smoker needs a few cigar accessories. Cigar cutters, lighters, ashtrays, travel cases and tubes can make for great gifts. However, to make a gift such as a lighter more personal, have it engraved with the initials of the recipient. A cigar humidor would make a great gift for a newer cigar smoker. In this case, plan to spend at least $100 for a minimum 50-count humidor that is lined with Spanish cedar. Veteran cigar smokers will eventually need a second or third humidor that is larger and more elaborate than their first one, but those types of humidors should not be given as gifts. Most established cigar smokers would likely prefer to make their own selections (give a gift certificate). Our Pick: Xikar Cigar Cutters and Lighters.

Playboy: The Book of Cigars

Playboy: The Book of Cigars is a recent (June 2010) coffee-table book that contains exclusive images and illustrations, as well as up-to-date information for cigar connoisseurs. The book includes the rich history of the cigar industry and the culture behind, with all of the integrity and quality of the Playboy brand. There are numerous quotes about cigars and photos of celebrities, as well as caricatures and illustrations by Risko. The book was authored by Aaron Sigmond and Nick Kolakowski, with Foreword by Leroy Neiman and Afterword by Joe Mantagna.
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