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Different Kinds & Types of Cigars

Cigars are categorized in several ways, such as by method of manufacture, size and shape, flavor or strength, and country of origin.

Cigars Are Named & Categorized by Size & Shape
Cigars are given names such as Corona or Panatela, based upon their length and diameter.

Cigars Can Be Hand Rolled or Made by Machines
The best cigars are rolled by hand, but most cigars are mass produced by machines.

Categorizing Cigars
Cigars can be categorized in many ways such as machine made and handmade, but based on the way they are marketed, there are only two types of cigars - old and new.

Flavored Cigars
Flavored cigars are cigars containing artificial flavoring, such as rum, peach, Kahlua, Amaretto, Irish Cream , and other popular flavors, which enhance and compliment the taste of tobacco.

Top Unique and Unusual Cigars
A cigar that is somehow unique has a good chance of attracting new customers. It could have an unusual blend of nontraditional tobaccos, a special method of manufacture or growing the tobacco, or even a respected cigar maker who created the cigar. Rather than try to explain what could make a cigar unique and why, it may be easier to point out...

Tastes and Flavors In Cigars
Terms used to describe the various tastes and flavors that may be experienced while smoking cigars.

Basic Flavors In Cigar Tobacco
Understanding the terms used to describe basic and subtle flavors in cigar tobacco.

Definition of Cigar Body
One way to classify cigars is by body, which is the weight or fullness of the smoke. This term has also been used by some to describe flavor, strength, and/or a combination of both. Categories include mild, medium, and full, plus everything in between.

Flavored Cigars
I never thought much of flavored cigars until I tried a few. You will be surprised that there is a lot there and some even come close to real premium cigars and are produced by some of the biggest names in the industry.

ted’s cigars – Have They Taken Flavor Infusion To A New Level?
Although Ted's cigars have had a lot of success with their Marker's Mark cigars, some of their newer additions might not "make the mark". I tried the RHUM and the HOPZ that were being highlighted at the 2011 IPCPR, and had both a good and bad experience.

The Java Latte Cigar - Is It A Different Class Of Flavored Cigar?
The Java Latte is one of Johnathan Drew's flavor infusion series. I do not consider this a true 'flavored' cigar because many cigars have the taste of coffee. This one is a bit special because the coffee infusion takes that flavor to a new level and puts it into a class all by itself.

Cigar Producing Countries
Tobacco grown in different countries can provide some unique characteristics to the taste of their cigars.

Classifying the Flavor & Strength of Cigars
Cigars can be classified according to flavor or strength. But first, it is important to distinguish the difference between flavor and strength. The terms should not be used interchangeably.

Cigar Length & Ring Size
A nice alphabetical listing of cigars by length and diameter (ring gauge).

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