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Flavored Cigars - Recommendations for Flavored Cigars


Flavored cigars have been around for a long time, but not the premium handmade variety, which have been growing in popularity during the last few years. Flavors such as peach, Irish Cream, Amaretto, rum, and many others are now being infused into premium cigars, to produce a different kind of smoking experience. We may not have reviewed any artificially flavored cigars on this website, but that does not mean that we do not enjoy an occasional flavored cigar, or even those Acid cigars infused with natural sweeteners.

Before going any further, I would like to answer some questions about storing flavored cigars. Unlike machine made cigars that contain preservatives, handmade cigars will dry out if not properly stored (preferably in a humidor). However, you should NOT store flavored cigars in the same humidor as your other handmade premium cigars, since the other cigars will absorb the artificial flavors. It is best NOT to remove the cellophane, tubes, or other packaging from flavored cigars before storing them in a separate humidor, or in some type of Tupperware container with a damp sponge or towel (do not let any water touch the cigars). Unlike natural cigars, flavored cigars will not improve by aging them in a humidor, and may actually lose their flavor over time. The purpose of storing flavored cigars in a humidor (or other container) is to protect and preserve them, not to age them. And again, NEVER store flavored cigars in the same humidor as other cigars, even if you do not remove the packaging.

In my opinion, the best way to sample flavored cigars is to buy only a few at a time. This way, temporary and separate storage of a few cigars is not a problem. If you only buy a few cigars that you intend to smoke within a few days of purchase, then the cigars do not have to be stored in a humidor, and should be fine if kept inside their original packaging. However, if you find a flavored cigar that you like well enough to buy a full box, then you should also consider the purchase of a second humidor to store the flavored cigars.

I do not usually recommend flavored cigars for beginners, but as occasional treats to regular cigar smokers who want to try something different. However, if you are a relatively new smoker who has not yet found a cigar to your liking, then maybe you should try a flavored cigar, as opposed to throwing in the towel.

Which flavored cigars to try is a matter of personal taste. If you do not like peaches, then stay away from that Gurkha peach flavored cigar which comes in a glass tube. That was one of the worst cigars that I ever tasted, and I do not dislike peaches. Here are some flavored cigars that I think are worth trying, but only if you like the particular flavors:
  • Kahlua Cigars.
    Perhaps my favorite flavored cigars. Production has been discontinued, so get some before they are all gone.

  • Helix Remix.
    I like the Amaretto flavor in the larger ring gauges.
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  • CAO Flavours.
    CAO uses "Flavourette Girls" to promote each of its six flavors.
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    (Girls Not Included)

  • Acid Kuba Kuba.
    Mild and very sweet cigars made by Drew Estate.
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  • Tabak Especial.
    A bold coffee flavored cigar at the start. Mellows and becomes sweeter after smoking beyond the cigar's shaggy foot. Also made by Drew Estate.
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