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How To Smoke And Enjoy Cigars


Welcome to the wonderful world of cigars! If you are a new cigar smoker, your Guide to Cigars is always here to help you through the process of selecting, smoking, and enjoying fine cigars. You will also learn about cigar humidors, cutters, and other cigar accessories, as well as various health and legal issues relating to cigars.
  1. Types of Cigars and How Cigars are Made
  2. How to Smoke and Select Cigars
  3. Cigar Humidors and Accessories
  4. Legal and Health Issues

Types of Cigars and How Cigars are Made

Cigar connoisseurs do not typically smoke mass produced cigars that are made by machines, but opt for premium handmade cigars that are made by professional cigar rollers in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Most cigars are named and classified according to their size and shape.

How to Smoke and Select Cigars

New cigar smokers should begin with mild cigars, and sample various brands and blends to discover which tobacco flavors they enjoy the most. Cigars are not cigarettes, and it takes more time to cut, light, and puff on a cigar without inhaling the smoke.

Cigar Humidors and Accessories

Every aspiring cigar connoisseur needs a humidor to properly store, protect and age cigars. Learn how to season a new humidor before using it for the first time, and how to properly maintain humidity levels inside of your box. Learn about cigar cutters and the three basic cigar cuts, and also about acquiring and using other cigar accessories.

Legal and Health Issues

Smoking bans, airline regulations, and the Cuban Trade Embargo are only a few legal issues affecting cigar smokers. You also need to be aware of both the health risks and benefits of being a cigar smoker.

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