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Buy Cigars Online or at Your Local Tobacco Shop

It is usually more economical to buy boxes, bundles or samplers of cigars online. Single cigars are best purchased from your local tobacconist. The recommended links to on-line retailers are mostly based on personal experience.

Purchase Cigars
How to shop for premium hand rolled cigars. Purchase by the box or bundle, buy a sampler pack, or just try a few singles.

Best Places to Purchase Cigars Online
Top places to buy cigars online. All sites are personally used and recommended by your guide. Deep discounts, save a bundle on boxes and bundles of premium hand rolled imported cigars.

Smoke Inn Cigar Stores in South Florida
Interview with Abe Dababneh, owner of the Smoke Inn cigar stores in South Florida.

Interview With Abe Dababneh of the Smoke Inn
Interview with Abe Dababneh, cigar retailer and owner of the Smoke Inn, host of the Great Smoke cigar event in South Florida, IPCPR Board Member, cigar radio broadcaster, and one of the most interesting men in the cigar business.

Top 10 Online Cigar Retailers
Top 10 online cigar stores for 2009, according to CigarCyclopedia.

Cigar of the Month Clubs
Cigar of the Month clubs can be a good deal, but sometimes you are better off buying your own cigars.

Cigar Sampler Packs
Cigar sampler packs can be good deals. Sample a variety of cigars at discounted prices.

U.S. Cigar Rollers
First in a series about U.S. Cigar Rollers featuring Bobalu Cigar Company. This series will report on cigar rollers all over the U.S.

U.S. Cigar Rollers - Part II
U.S. Cigar Rollers, a continuation of a series about cigars that are handmade in the United States. There is nothing more exciting to a cigar smoker than watching a master roller and blender make cigars just for you. Meeting Nelson Ventura of the Las Vegas Cuban Cigar Factory was a real treat.

US Cigar Rollers - Part III
Hoboken Cigars in New Jersey is the next featured US Cigar Rollers in my series. I have had a chance to visit their shop and came away with some great smoking cigars and it is always a treat to have cigars made for you while you wait.

Buying Cigars Online From Famous Smoke Shop
Cigar interview with Gary Korb of the Famous Smoke shop, one of the best places to buy cigars online. Lots of information about the Famous Smoke shop as well as smoking and buying cigars.

Defective or Unsmokable Cigars
Even a top rated cigar can be defective, including a My Father Le Bijou 1922 cigar. Unsmokable cigars can be exchanged if purchased from a reputable tobacconist.

Famous Smoke Shop
Big discounts on most major brands, and a great web site for purchasing cigars. Descriptions, reviews and ratings are conveniently available to read before making a purchase.

Cigars International
Great prices on most major brands, and lots of special deals are available by joining their email list.

JR Cigars
If you are looking for machine made cigars, this is the place to go. JR also offers imported hand rolled cigars, and some brands are priced almost as low as machine made stogies.

Mike's Cigars
Located in South Florida, Mike's is one of the largest cigar distributors worldwide.

Thompson Cigar
Most major brands are available, including their own. They have a great catalog, and a nice selection of humidors and other cigar accessories.

Smoke Inn
In addition to their online store, the Smoke Inn has six locations in South Florida.

TNT Cigars
Although choices are somewhat limited, this cigar retailer features a modest selection of premium brands at lower everyday prices than many of the others.

Finck Cigars
Located in Texas, Finck offers all the major brands in addition to some of their own.

Tex Cigars
A relatively new online cigar store featuring "Make Your Own Sampler".

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