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Cigars: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The 5 Best Cigars for Beginner Smokers
The flavor and strength of the five cigar brands selected are mild to medium and can be enjoyed by any level smoker.
Why Are Cuban Cigars Illegal in the US, Anyway?
Cuban cigars are illegal in the United States. History of the Cuban Trade Embargo and why it was enacted by President John Kennedy in 1962, as the result of Castro's 1959 revolution which seized property of private citizens.
Your Guide to Selecting, Smoking, and Enjoying...
The closed end of a cigar must be properly cut before smoking. Cigar cutters such as a guillotine are used to remove the cap of a cigar so that it can be smoked. Page 2.
The Top 10 Cheap Cigars
List of top 10 cheap cigars that cost less than $3.10 when purchased by the box is based on smoking and sampling hundreds of cigars over many years. Inexpensive value priced cigars are great bargains for both everyday and occasional cigar smokers.
New Humidor? Do This Before You Use It
A new humidor must be properly seasoned before storing cigars. An unconditioned humidor can ruin your cigars. Learn how to season the cedar in our step by step guide.
How Cigars are Categorized by Shape and Size
Cigars come in many shapes and sizes, and there are actually names used by the industry to categorize cigars by their dimensions. Common names include corona, panatela and churchill.
All about the Famous Smoke Shop, the Online...
Cigar interview with Gary Korb of the Famous Smoke shop, one of the best places to buy cigars online. Lots of information about the Famous Smoke shop as well as smoking and buying cigars.
How to Correct the Humidity Level in a Humidor
Maintaining the proper humidity levels inside a humidor to store, age, and protect cigars.
Cigar Sickness
How to avoid getting sick from smoking a cigar plus a suggested cure to help alleviate a mild nicotine overdose.
How to Calibrate Your Humidor's Hygrometer
How to calibrate a hygrometer used in cigar humidors to measure the level of humidity. Humidity gauge must be accurate to monitor and maintain optimal levels inside a humidor.
How to Buy a Cigar Lighter
Cigar lighters should be chosen based upon function over appearance. Butane double torch lighters made by reputable manufacturers having lifetime warranties are recommended.
6 Online Cigar Stores Every Aficionado Should...
Top retailers for buying cigars online. All sites are personally used and recommended by our cigar guide. Deep discounts, save a bundle on boxes and bundles of premium hand rolled imported cigars.
7 Cocktails That Pair Perfectly with Cigars
Choosing the right drink to accompany a cigar is one of the most important factors affecting the enjoyment of the smoking experience. Our list was constucted to include drinks that can accompany any cigar, including the full flavored variety.
Things to Know Before You Light That Cigar
Smoking tobacco can cause cancer, especially when inhaled on a daily basis. Cigar smokers should not inhale, and smoke no more than one or 2 cigars per week to minimize the health risks. There may also be health benefits to smoking cigars.
Health Benefits of Cigar Tobacco - Cigars and...
Health benefits of cigar tobacco have included medicinal uses to treat many diseases throughout history, up to more recent studies showing that intravenous administration of nicotine to non-smoking Alzheimer's patients produced significant improvements in long-term recall and attention span.
Flavored Cigars - Recommendations for Flavored...
Flavored cigars are cigars containing artificial flavoring, such as rum, peach, Kahlua, Amaretto, Irish Cream , and other popular flavors, which enhance and compliment the taste of tobacco, including cigars infused with natural sweeteners such as Acid by Drew Estate.
Immediate Effects of Nicotine On Cigar Smokers
Immediate but temporary effects of nicotine contained in cigar smoke.
Aging Cigars in a Humidor
Cigar taste tests were conducted to determine if aging cigars in a properly maintained humidor can improve the flavor. Discover how much time cigars should be aged in a humidor before smoking.
Buying a New Cigar Humidor Made Easy
How to find and buy the right cigar humidor for your needs, information and advice to make the purchase of a new humidor much easier.
World's Largest Cigar Companies
Cigar companies continue to go through mergers and acquisitions, and new cigar empires are being formed. Altadis, now owned by Imperial Tobacco, and General Cigar owned by Swedish Match, are the top cigar manufacturers in the world, producing top brands such as Montecristo and Macanudo.
Hand Rolled Cigars the Best Choice for...
Cigars can be categorized as being either hand rolled or machine made. Imported premium hand rolled cigars are the very best available, and are the preferred choice of connoisseurs and aficionados.
Tastes and Flavors of Cigars
Terms used to describe the flavors and tastes in cigars by cigar reviewers who smoke and rate cigars.
4 Types of Cigar Cuts and Cutters
Cigar cutters are used to remove or penetrate the cap of a cigar before smoking it. There are three basic types of cuts, but there are a few more types of cigar cutters.
Top 7 Cigars to Smoke on American Holidays
List of top patriotic cigars to smoke on Independence Day, the 4th of July, Veterans Day, Flag Day, Memorial Day, Presidents Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and all American holidays. Cigars contain American tobacco, have patriotic American names, or have bans with red, white and blue colors.
What is a Cigar Humidor?
Definition and description of what is a cigar humidor, used to store, preserve and age cigars by maintaining the optimal humidity level at room temperature. A cigar humidor contains a humidification device that either adds or removes humidity inside the box to maintain the optimal level.
Top 10 Cigars Tips - Do's and Don'ts For Cigar...
Top ten list of cigar tips for cigar connoisseurs includes recommended do's and don'ts along with free advice for cigar smokers.
Cigars - Hobby, Habit, or Addiction
It is possible to be addicted to cigars, but not likely. Most cigar smokers are connoisseurs who enjoy cigars as a hobby, but some cigar smokers may have a habit of smoking cigars.
Review of Zippo Blu2 Butane Cigar Lighter
Review of Zippo Blu2 butane cigar lighter, made in America especially for cigar smokers, includes lifetime guarantee.
Review of the Mr. B Lonsdale Cigar
Review of the Mr. B handmade cigar from Nicaragua in the Lonsdale size with a Maduro wrapper. The best value in everyday cigars, low cost and good taste.
Definition of Cigar Body
Cigars can be classified according to body, a term that can mean flavor, strength, or a combination of both and much more. Categories include mild, medium, and full, plus everything in between.
Health Benefits of Cigars - Cigar Tobacco Used...
Health benefits of cigar tobacco have included medicinal uses to treat many diseases throughout history, up to more recent studies showing that intravenous administration of nicotine to non-smoking Alzheimer's patients produced significant improvements in long-term recall and attention span. Page 2.
Chemicals in Cigar Smoke
Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents in cigar smoke identified by the FDA as reasons to regulate tobacco products including cigars are subject to interpretation. The FDA has requested comments from the public in the Federal Register.
How to Cure Bad Breath from Smoking Cigars
Products recommended to cure bad breath caused by smoking cigars include the Cigar Clear breath spray and Targon mouthwash.
Top Unique and Unusual Cigars
List of top unique or unusual cigars, includes cigars made with nontraditional tobaccos, organic cigars, maduro cigars, and cigars with unusual colors, shapes, sizes, or methods of manufacture.
Top Gifts for Cigar Smokers
List of the top gifts to give to a cigar smoker, including cigars, accessories, humidors, gift certificates, and more.
The Benifits of Tobacco
Medical and health benefits of tobacco and cigars explained by an expert in toxicology, Dr. Mitch Fadem, Phd.
Cigar Sizes Illustrated
Cigar are measured by their length in inches and ring gauge or diameter in 64ths of an inch and are given names based on size or dimensions and shapes
Smoking Cigars on Cruise Ship Vacations
Smoking cigars on cruise ships while on vacation can be very enjoyable, but make sure that the ship is cigar friendly. Each cruise line has different smoking restrictions and amenities for cigar and pipe smokers, which are subject to change.
Review of Macanudo Hyde Park Cigars
Review of Macanudo Hyde Park cigars made by the General Cigar Company in the Dominican Republic. Macanudo Hyde Park cigars are 5 1/2 inches long with a ring gauge of 49, and are available with three different blends of tobacco.
Review of Gurkha Ghost Cigar
Review of Gurkha Ghost, a new cigar released during October 2012, just in time for Halloween.
Top 10 Occasions for Smoking Cigars
An exclusive Top 10 list of the best occasions for smoking cigars. There are many events and occasions that are conducive to smoking cigars, but our list narrows them down to the top 10.
Airline Regulations Affecting Cigar Smokers
Airline regulations which affect cigar smokers include restrictions on matches, lighters, and certain types of cutters. There are different rules for carry-on and checked luggage.
Aging, Tasting, and Rating Cigars
Rating cigars is based on many factors that affect the flavor of a cigar, and can make the same cigar taste different to the same smoker under different conditions. Aging cigars in a cigar humidor is one factor you can control to improve the flavor of cigars.
Review of H. Upmann Corona Major Cigar
Cuban H Upmann Petit Upmanns were President John F. Kennedy's favorite cigars. In 1962, JFK ordered his Press Secretary to buy as many Petit Upmanns as he could find before signing the Cuban Trade Embargo. Page 2.
How To Hand Roll a Cigar
How to hand roll a cigar using the three types of cigar tobacco leaves, including the binder, filler, and wrapper leaves. Watch a cigar video of a professional cigar roller demonstrating the entire process of rolling cigars by hand.
Cigar Taste Tests in Cigar Aging Experiment
A cigar aging experiment was conducted by storing a bundle of cigars in a humidor and periodically taste testing them over a period of one year. Results of the cigar taste tests show how aging cigars improves their flavor. Page 2.
Best Cigars For Weddings
Top cigars recommended for wedding guests, grooms, and members of the wedding party and immediate family. Best cigars for special people on special occasions, and the importance of preparing the bride to be a cigar friendly wife. Cigar catering and rolling services, custom cigar bands, and other options for best wedding cigars.
Cigar Punch Cutters
Three basic types of cigar punches for making a hole in the cap of a cigar before smoking are reviewed, including pictures and holes made by the bullet punch, havana punch, and the multi cutter.
Categorizing Cigars
Cigars can be categorized in many ways such as machine made and handmade, but based on the way they are marketed, there are only two types of cigars - old and new.
What Makes a Cigar Good
Explanation of what makes a cigar good, and what factors are important when judging or rating premium cigars.
Review of Kismet Cigar
Review of Kismet Robusto cigar, a Dominican puro that is a great choice when pondering your destiny.
Before You Purchase Cigars
How to shop for premium hand rolled cigars. Purchase by the box or bundle, buy a sampler pack, or just try a few singles.
JFK and Cigars
President John F. Kennedy, his love for Cuban cigars, and assassination attempts on Castro using poison cigars.
Ring Gauge of a Cigar
The ring gauge of a cigar is a measurement of its diameter expressed in 64ths of an inch. For example, a cigar with a ring gauge of 42 means that it is 42/64 inches thick.
Review of Padron 1964 Anniversary Cigar
Review of Padron 1964 Anniversary cigar, a super premium cigar made with aged Nicaraguan tobaccos and considered to be one of the best cigars in the world.
Review of Camacho Triple Maduro Cigar
Made in Honduras, this is the first cigar made with only maduro tobacco - a full flavored stick intended for seasoned smokers.
Basic Flavors In Cigar Tobacco
Terms used to describe basic and subtle flavors of cigar tobacco.
Custom Cigar Bands
How to make a custom cigar band for your own personal enjoyment, and where to buy professional cigar bands to give as gifts or for special occasions.
Plugged Cigar
If the filler tobacco inside of a cigar is packed too tightly or otherwise bunched together improperly, the cigar will not draw very well. It may be possible to gently massage the cigar between your fingers to alleviate the plug.
Review of Brick House Corona Larga Cigars by...
Review of Brick House cigars which are value priced Nicaraguan puros made by the J.C. Newman Cigar Company.
A Taste of Cigar History
Cigar history from Christopher Columbus through Ybor City, the Cuban Trade Embargo, the Surgeon General's Health Warnings, and the cigar boom of the mid 1990's up until the public smoking bans of the mid 2000's.
Review of Genuine Pre-Embargo 1958 Counterfeit...
Review of Genuine Pre-Embargo 1958 Counterfeit Cuban cigar made by Tabacelera Perdomo with filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and Honduras.
Review of Gispert Corona Cigar
Cigar review of Gispert Corona size cigars made in Honduras with Honduran and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos and Ecuadorian Connecticut natural wrapper tobacco leaves, making for a mild cigar recommended for beginner smokers, and at a value price.
Review of Oliva Serie V Ligero Especial Cigars
Cigar review of Oliva Serie V Ligero Especial made by the Oliva Cigar Company with tobaccos from Nicaragua. This stogie receives our highest rating and is considered to be one of the best cigars in the world.
Top Cigar Cities in the United States
The best cigar city to smoke and enjoy a cigar in public, the best cigar city to mingle and interact within a genuine cigar culture, and the best cigar city to experience a taste of cigar history.
Review of Casino Gold Cigars
Review of Casino Gold cigars from Royal Gold, made by Plasencia in Honduras with an interesting blend of tobaccos, and they are value priced.
Cigars For Troops Program
How to support American troops serving overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq by donating cigars to our Cigars For Troops program. Information on how to send cigars directly to soldiers in the U.S. military.
Review of an Arturo Fuente Cigar
Review of the Arturo Fuente Grand Reserva Churchill Maduro cigar made in the Dominican Republic with Dominican filler tobacco.
Tabacalera de Garcia Cigar Factory Tour
Tabacalera de Garcia cigar factory tour in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Tabacalera de Garcia is the largest cigar factory for handmade cigars in the world.
Review of Arturo Fuente Anejo No. 46 Cigar
Review of Arturo Fuente Anejo No. 46 cigar made with special aged tobaccos similar to the company's Opus X, Hemmingway and Don Carlos cigars.
Aging Cigars - Why You Should Age Bundled Cigars
The importance of aging cheap bundled cigars in a humidor before smoking, and maintaining the proper level of humidity.
Review of Ashton VSG Virgin Sun Grown Illusion...
Review of Ashton VSG Virgin Sun Grown Illusion cigar made by Arturo Fuente in the Dominican Republic with Dominican filler and binder tobaccos and an aged Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper, rated as one of the top 10 cigars of 2009 by Cigar Aficionado.
Review of Puros Indios Viejo #4 Cigar
Cigar review of the Puros Indios Viejo Number 4 cigar, made by the legendary Rolando Reyes in Honduras. Puros Indios Viejo is a mild to medium cigar that is appropriate for both beginners and seasoned smokers alike, and is highly recommended as a great smoking experience.
Top 10 List of Cigar Videos
List of the top 10 cigar videos on the internet, with links to scenes from movies, commercials, news programs, and original content on sites like youtube, google video and meta cafe.
Review of Private Stock No. 2 Cigar by Davidoff
Cigar review of Private Stock No. 2 by Davidoff, a Double Corona sized cigar made in the Dominican Republic with a Connecticut Shade wrapper and Dominican filler tobaccos. A very good value for a mild and tasty cigar appropriate for beginners.
Big Smoke Weekend in Las Vegas
Photos from Cigar Aficionado magazine's 12th annual Big Smoke weekend in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel Resort and Casino.
What to Call a Cigar Expert
Cigar Experts and other terms to describe what they are called.
Short Reviews of Four Little Cigars
Review of little cigars made by Villager, Illusione, Gregorio and Chevere.
Quick Reviews of Select Value Priced, Bundled,...
Short reviews of some value priced, bundled, and bargain cigars, including Mike's house brands and exclusives.
Graycliff Cigar Factory Tour in Nassau, Bahamas
Free tour of Graycliff Cigar Factory in Nassau, Bahamas.
How Hand Rolled Cigars Are Made - In Reverse
Remove the wrapper from a cigar to demonstrate how cigars are hand rolled, but in reverse. Page 2.
Colibri – The Rebirth of Cigar Lighter...
Colibri Cigar Lighters - Most of us are familiar with the Colibri brand of lighters. Did you know that they also make jewlery, pens and were even featured in a movie? The company has remained on the cutting edge of lighter technology since Julius Lowenthal invented the first semi-automatic lighter back in 1935. Read and see what Colibri has to offer in high altitude lighters.
Long Ashes to You!
The term long ashes is sometimes used in the cigar world when greeting or saying goodbye to a fellow cigar smoker. This term is also a suggestion to enjoy a
Flavored Cigars?!?
I never thought much of flavored cigars until I tried a few. You will be surprised that there is a lot there and some even come close to real premium cigars and are produced by some of the biggest names in the industry.
Filler In Cigars
Filler is a term to describe the tobacco inside of a cigar. In hand rolled cigars, the filler usually consists of long tobacco leaves, and is called long filler. In machine made cigars, short filler is usually used, which contains chemicals and other substances in addition to short pieces of tobacco leaves.
Binder Tobacco Leaves
The binder tobacco leaf in a cigar is used to bind and contain the bunch of filler tobacco leaves inside of a cigar. It usually has little or no flavor, but some cigar makers use rejected wrapper leaves as binders to add flavor to the cigar.
What Causes a Cigar to Burn Unevenly?
Reasons why some premium cigars do not burn evenly.
The Java Latte Cigar - Is It A Different Class...
The Java Latte is one of Johnathan Drew's flavor infusion series. I do not consider this a true 'flavored' cigar because many cigars have the taste of coffee. This one is a bit special because the coffee infusion takes that flavor to a new level and puts it into a class all by itself.
Buying Cigars with Fancy Bands and Unusual Names
Buying cigars and making selections is now mostly based on internet research and brand reputation as opposed to fancy bands, unusual names and other marketing and advertising methods of the past.
Review of Macanudo 1968 Gigante Cigar
Review of Macanudo 40th anniversary 1968 Gigante cigar made in the Dominican Republic by the General Cigar Company with Dominican and two types of Nicaraguan filler tobaccos and a wrapper from Honduras. The 1968 line is much richer and fuller than typical Macanudo cigars.
Smoke Inn Cigar Stores in South Florida
Interview with Abe Dababneh, owner of the Smoke Inn cigar stores in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Review of San Lotano Maduro Cigar
Review of San Lotano Maduro cigars made by A.J. Fernandez.
Five Cigar Reviews
Here are five shorter than usual cigar reviews all on one page for your convenience. Check out these mostly recent releases that are sparking some degree of interest among cigar enthusiasts, including Azan White, Rogue Armageddon, Loose Cannon 1206, Asylum 13, and Acid Toast cigars.
Review of La Tradicion Perdomo Reserve Cigars
Cigar review of Perdomo Reserve Cabinet Series – La Tradicion Perdomo Reserve cigars, made with Nicaraguan tobaccos and a choice of several wrappers, including a Cameroon, Maduro, Connecticut Shade, and Sun Grown.
Review of Royal Jamaica Oro Rojo Toro Cigar
Cigar review of Royal Jamaica Oro Rojo Toro cigar made by Altadis in the Dominican Republic with tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Jamaica. A low rated stogie that is not recommended for most cigar smokers.
Straight Cigar Cutters - Review of Guillotine...
Review of cigar guillotine cutters and scissors used to make straight cuts on the cap of a cigar before it can be smoked.
Review of the Ashton Maduro Premium Cigar
Review of the Ashton Maduro premium cigar made by Arturo Fuente in the Dominican Republic. This is a full flavored cigar. The robusto size measures 5 inches long with a ring gauge of 50.
Cigar Cutter, Lighter and Punch
Xikar produces some of the best cigar accessories on the market. On Father's Day I received a perfect set for a perfect gift.
How to Roll a Cigar by Hand
Narrated video with instructions on how to roll a cigar by hand using filler, binder, and wrapper tobacco leaves.
Review of Oliva Nub Habano 358 Cigar
Cigar review of Oliva Nub Habano 358 stogie made entirely with tobaccos from Nicaragua, having a unique size as a concept cigar created by Jose Oliva.
Cigar Makers and Cigar Companies
The cigar industry and how cigars are made and distributed by cigar makers to retailers and tobacconists.
Cigar Sampler Packs
Cigar sampler packs can be good deals. Sample a variety of cigars at discounted prices.
Giving Cigars and Accessories as Gifts
Giving cigars and cigar accessories as gifts for both new and seasoned connoisseurs, especially for Christmas and other special occasions such as Father's Day, anniversaries,and birthdays. Recommendations for specific brands of cigars and types of cigar accessories that will make a lasting impression.
Cigar Smokers in Afghanistan
Images of troops stationed in Afghanistan who received complimentary cigars donated through cigars.about.com Cigars For Troops program.
Review of Monte by Montecristo Cigar
Review of Monte by Montecristo cigar from Altadis, made in the Dominican Republic with Dominican filler tobaccos, an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, and two binders.
Review of Don Tomas Allegro Maduro Cigar
Cigar review of the Don Tomas Allegro Maduro cigar made in Honduras by General Cigar with Honduran and Nicarguan filler tobaccos and a Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper.
Smoking Cigars in Casinos
Smoking cigars in casinos is becoming a thing of the past due to the proliferation of indoor smoking bans, requiring some casinos to construct outdoor patios for their smoking patrons.
Review of Blue Mountain El Threesome Cigar
Review of Blue Mountain El Threesome cigar made in Nicaragua with three different wrappers and blends of filler tobaccos.
Review of Cigar V Cutters
Review of Cigar V cutters which cut a wedge into the sealed cap of a cigar so it can be smoked, including pictures of the cutters and the wedges made in the cap of a cigar.
Review of La Vieja Habana Cuban Corojo Cigar
Cigar review of the La Vieja Habana Cuban Corojo made by Drew Estate in Nicaragua. The La Vieja Habana is an inexpensive value priced cigar having a spicy flavor, and is a Cuban Sandwich type cigar using a mixture of long and short leaf tobacco.
Review of Te Amo No. 4 Cigar
Cigar review of the Te Amo No.4 cigar made in Mexico entirely with Mexican tobaccos. A bold cigar that is value priced and recommended for serious smokers only.
Review of Shuriken Cigar Cutter - An Innovative...
Review of Shuriken cigar cutter. Did you ever wonder if there was a way to cut a cigar and never worry about getting bits of tobacco in your mouth? Here is a new cigar cutting technology that does that and more. You may even enjoy smoking short fill cigars.
Review of Perla Del Mar Cigar
Review of Perla Del Mar cigars made by the J.C. Newman Cigar Company.
Review of Kurt Kendall’s 7-20-4 Cigars
Review of four of Kurt Kendall’s 7-20-4 cigars made in tribute to R.G. Sullivan.
Wrapper of a Cigar
The wrapper is the outer tobacco leaf of a cigar, which wraps around the binder, which in turn, holds the filler. Wrappers are responsible for at least half of a cigar's flavor. There are many kinds of wrappers, the most common of which are Natural and Maduro.
Review of Tried and True Cigars
Cigars that have been around for a while are usually neglected by today's bloggers who like to review newly released cigars. However, a cigar does not have to
Review of Oliva Cain Maduro and Habano Toro...
Review of Oliva Cain Maduro and Habano Toro cigars blended by Sam Leccia of Nub cigar fame, made with ligero tobaccos from Nicaragua and a Mexican Maduro wrapper, resulting in a great tasting and highly rated cigar at a reasonable price.
Bobalu Cigar Company – 15th Anniversary
A visit to Bobalu Cigar Company in Austin, Texas, which celebrated their 15th anniversary during 2012 with a special Bullet Anniversary cigar and a new website.
Review of Fabricas Unidas and Christian Eiroa...
Review of Fabricas Unidas and Christian Eiroa cigars from the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show in Las Vegas.
ted’s cigars – Have They Taken...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Many cigar smokers
Plume on Cigars
Plume or bloom is a fine white powder or dust which forms on cigars when oils exude from the tobacco as a result of aging.
Reviews of Avo, Cuba Aliados, Felipe Gregorio,...
Short reviews of Avo Heritage, Cuba Aliados, Felipe Gregorio Skinny Cafe, Tabak Especial, and Royal Comodore Jamaica cigars.
Review of Red Witch MMXII Rothchild Cigar
Review of Red Witch MMXII Rothchild cigar from the East India Trading Company, part of the Gurkha Cigar Group.
Kabul Cigar Czars
Photos taken by troops in Afghanistan who received cigars donated through cigars.about.com Cigars for Troops Program. Page 16.
Cigar Questions and Answers
Cigar questions asked by cigar blogger at Stogie Review and answered by your about.com guide to cigars in an exclusive interview. Page 2.
Review of Pinolero Figurado Cigar
Pinolero is a Nicaraguan puro from A.J. Fernandez that received an impressive 91 rating in the current issue of Cigar Aficionado. The magazine rated the
FOB Vulcan
Photos taken by troops in Afghanistan who received cigars donated through cigars.about.com Cigars for Troops Program. Page 26.
Review of Padron Londres Cigar
Cigar review of the Padron Series Londres cigar made in Nicaragua with all Nicaraguan tobaccos. Dr. Mitch Fadem's special scientific review discusses chemosensation, or the relationship between smell and taste, as it relates to cigar tobacco.
Review of Xikar HC Series Habano Colorado Toro...
Review of Xikar HC Series Habano Colorado Toro cigar blended by master cigar maker Jesus Fuego.
Review of Padron Family Reserve No. 45...
Review of Padron Family Reserve No. 45 Anniversary cigar which was rated the top cigar in the world for the year 2009, by Cigar Aficionado magazine.
Cigars for Troops
Photos taken by troops in Afghanistan who received cigars donated through cigars.about.com Cigars for Troops Program. Page 17.
Review of Montesino Maduro Robusto Cigar
Cigar review of the Montesino Maduro Robusto cigar, produced by Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia in the Dominican Republic using Dominican filler tobaccos and Connecticut wrapper leafs.
Review of Romeo y Julieta Havoc Magnum Cigar
Review of Romeo y Julieta Havoc cigar made with a different blend of tobaccos than the original 1875 line, and available in three large ring sizes.
Review of Oliva Serie V Maduro Torpedo Cigar
Review of Oliva Serie V Maduro torpedo cigar made by the Oliva Cigar Family with tobaccos from Nicaragua, being a maduro version of the original and highly rated Oliva Serie V released back in 2007.
Smoking Bans Limit Your Right to Smoke Cigars
New smoking bans are being enacted by local and state governments. Indoor and outdoor smoking bans are becoming more restrictive, and will eventually affect your right to smoke cigars in public.
Review of CAO Criollo Cigars
Cigar review of CAO Criollo cigars made in Nicaragua entirely with Nicaraguan tobacco. Highly rated cigars that are mild to medium in flavor and a good choice for both beginner and seasoned smokers.
Cap of a Cigar
The cap of a cigar is a circular piece of tobacco leaf that is stuck onto the head of the cigar to secure the wrapper.
Cigar Experts
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Interview With Jon Huber
Jon Huber, Formerly of CAO Cigars, is interviewed about his departure from the company and his future plans after the merger between Swedish Match and Scandinavian Tobacco.
User Reviews of Cigar Humidors
User reviews of various brands of cigar humidors for storing and aging handmade premium cigars. Add a review of your own humidor.
First Five Cigar Reviews from IPCPR 2013
First five cigars from 2013 IPCPR trade show reviewed by Dr. Mitch Fadem, including Upmann Legacy, Crossfire, Nat Cicco, 1811 Perique, and Kendall Spider.
Review of Gurkha Royal Challenge Toro Cigar
Review of Gurkha Royal Challenge Toro cigar, an affordable cigar for the common man that is fit for a future king.
Review of Rocky Patel Freedom Robusto Cigar
Review of Rocky Patel Freedom Robusto cigar, a patriotic cigar made in Nicaragua with a Habano Oscuro wrapper.
Camp Eggers Cigar Smokers
Photos taken by troops in Afghanistan who received cigars donated through cigars.about.com Cigars for Troops Program. Page 5.
Coupon Books to Receive Cigars
Photos from Cigar Aficionado magazine's 12th annual Big Smoke weekend in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel Resort and Casino. Page 2.
Review of Quesada Tributo Manolin Cigar
Review of Quesada Tributo Manolin cigar made at Matasa in the Dominican Republic with a special HCHS hybrid wrapper.
Review of Spanish Galleon Robusto Cameroon Cigar
Cigar review of the Spanish Galleon Cameroon Robusto, which is an inexpensive value priced cigar having long filler tobaccos, and is made in the Dominican Republic. The cigar is very mild in flavor, and is recommended as an everyday smoke for both beginner and experienced smokers.
Xikar Cigar Cutters at IPCPR
Xikar Cigar Cutters at IPCPR 2010 International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Annual Convention and Trade Show in New Orleans, image gallery and complete coverage of meetings, seminars, presentations, and trade show in New Orleans convention center. Page 21.
Review of Bolivar Churchill Cigar
Cigar review of Bolivar Churchill cigar made in the Dominican Republic with ligero tobacco wrappers from Honduras and Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos.
Review of Four Espinosa Cigars
Review of four Espinosa cigars that were made at the company's new La Zona cigar factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

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