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Review of Camacho Triple Maduro Cigar

User Rating 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 5 out of 5
The birthday to rememberMay 13, 2010 By magnum2230
Well I don't know where all the bad news comes from with these guys, but I would like to share my experience here and see if it will help. At first, it is very intimidating when you see it in your humidor, with all the other fine cigars. It has a very rich dark color, and an aroma all its own. That being said, yesterday was a good friend of mines 44th birthday. I took my XIKAR 18-24 travel case over there, loaded with a good selection of fine cigars. Included in that assortment where 4 Camacho triple maduro's. When My long time friend opend that box, setting out the foam trays loaded with all those nice cigars, a choice and particular arrangement of many brands we had smoked before, only 4 cought his eye in a flash and stood out above all the other cigars that where there. That's right, ""those 4 camacho triple maduro's."" The first words he spoke at that moment were, ""Wow, where did those come from?"" He then proceded after my large grinn, to take one out and give it a good look, and a straight pass under the nose. He was impressed more by that one cigar than anything else going on around him. He had forgotten about the bad day at work, the things that didn't go as well as he had hoped for by the end of his day, the bad traffic coming home and even for a moment, all the other company in the house. He was in a transe! So I yelled Hey Dude, he jumped and said come on man, lets get a drink and go out and light one of these fine cigars up right now. Mind you I had 19 other cigars in that travel case, ones that I knew he enjoyed quite often. He knew the price of each one of the other cigars, because he also buys the same brands. But I had removed the price stickers from the Camacho's to see if he would notice them and try one being un-aware of how much I paid for them. That also being said, I had never before tried one myself as of yet, so this was our first smoke from a camacho brand cigar. Now, we had pre-selected the drink of the evening to be what I would refer to anyone willing to try it, as a nice cold Blue Moon Beer, witch seems to help savor the moment with these longer lasting cigars, and not get you so drunk you have to stay the night. I could recomend other fine beers for those on a mission to find a good one, but not today. Today it's all about this one cigar, and my friends birthday. So here we go, it's 4:45pm and we rolled them stogies over a triple burner torch lighter, filled with XIKAR fuel. The lighting process went over well, then the first puff, which having read about this cigar for days before my first purchase, I was kind of afraid of it, BUT much to my suprise, was very mild and smooth, the aroma was like something I had been searching for my whole life and only now had finaly found, it was my happy place. This wasn't just anothr cigar, this was my reward that I had searched for, for so many years now, and on my friends 44th birthday, I finally found it. As I looked over at him, just waving that cigar under his nose, and finally savoring every puff. The cherry stayed hot and lit, for not one and not two, but a grand tottal of two hours and 45 minutes, with the taste and aroma that changed many times. OH Life is great, this cigar won the party, everyone that normally wouldn't even come around us, including his wife, were all sitting right there, asking about those wonerful cigars. My good friend will never forget this birthday, and until our lifes journey puts us on another higher plain that that one, I can only hope that still yet, there may be, just one more cigar out there, that would have so much of memmorable impact on someones day, as this one cigar. You want an opinion, Here it is... Buy two of them and share the moment with someone who will appreciate what it is you have there in your humidor. I know I did, and it was priceless for me.
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